yooo announcement


if bastille attends the iheartradio awards in los angeles on may 1st you can get free tickets to see them at 1iota

do that here and enter the drawing to win a ticket to be in the audience or you can request balcony tickets

like, they’re nominated for alt song of the year, right? i have a feeling they’ll go

in-sepiatones asked: @ your followers who are looking for some tickets for tonight in leipzig: there are some extra tickets! hurry up and get them!


littlestolive asked: Can you post this to your followers? I'm looking to buy a ticket for the Orlando House of Blues show on May 21! Please message me!


I have 1 ticket for the gig in Berlin this thursday, 20th of march. Im obviously going to the gig so we could meet up there if you’re interested in buying it. Price can be discussed, just message me! c:
My Askbox (or you could send a fanmail if you prefer that) 

SELLING: 1 ticket PRAGUE 18th March

I have one standing ticket for sale for Bastille’s Prague gig on Tuesday, 18th of March:) I bought it for 585czk (circa 22euros) and want to sell it for 585czk. Let me know if you’re interested:


SELLING: June 14th, Sydney

general admission, bought for $75, selling for $65, cash would be best. exchange possible sometime before concert.



okay so I have spare ticket to see Bastille in Sydney on the 14th of July…I really want for one of you to be able to go. Message me and we’ll see if we can sort something out


HI we’re looking for two tickets for this gig, I know it’s short notice but we would really appreciate it and we’re willing to pay a little extra. Thanks spread the word PLEASE 

- whatdafarq (& bastilluminati


I’d really prefer 2 tickets if possible for me and a friend. The venue is all general admission tickets. I’m will to pay $10-$15 more than the original price per ticket.

Lindsey Litt

Seattle Gig - April 8th

So I stupidly bought an extra ticket to the Seattle gig in hopes that I’d find a local person to drag along with me (on an 8 hour drive…BAHAHA) but I failed. So…

I have an extra GA ticket to the show at Showbox Sodo on April 8th. I’m not looking to make any money off of it. I paid $30 for it, so that’s what I’m asking for it. And if you are someone who wanted to go, but didn’t have anyone to go with, I’m going by myself and would be happy to hang out with a fellow lone stormer. 

Just message me on my tumblr, Mackens, and hopefully a ticket won’t go to waste!

(and if anyone who already has tickets that is going to the Seattle gig and wants to meet up, message me too!)